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Examinations are entered through the International Dance Teachers Association and all successful students will receive a certificate and a medal/rosette. The IDTA is a one of the world’s largest dance exam boards and our students have been following their syllabus in all their lessons.



What will happen on the day?


All students will be expected to wear full clean uniform for their exam as stated in the exam letters and their hair must be styled in a bun (ideally without a hair donut) . Please note that no jewellery can be worn in exams for safety reasons and nail varnish is not allowed. We will ask that your daughter arrives with her hair done.


To avoid congestion and unnecessary noise on the exam day we please ask that only one parent accompany their child.



Can parents watch the exam?


No, the exams are held as a closed session, so unfortunately parents will not be able to watch their child’s performance.



What time do we need to arrive?


All students will need to arrive 45 minutes before their scheduled exam time so they have plenty of time to get dressed and prepared. Once students have danced their exam they are free to go home straight away afterwards. We will give out individual times closer to the date.



When will get the results?


We would expect to receive the results within a few weeks of the exam session and all students will get their results in class. The certificates and medals will be presented to students at an award ceremony that all parents will be invited to attend.



How much will it cost?


The cost depends on the exam(s) your daughter has been entered for. Invoices will be sent out several weeks in advance of the exam session. Payment can be made via cash, cheque or online bank transfer.



What will my child need to wear?


We will notify you of the exact uniform requirements for your child's exam.



If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.




Our next IDTA examination session will be Saturday 23rd November 2013.

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